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More than 20 years of dealing with languages, appreciative communication with people, enthusiasm for foreign languages and my degree in translation in Heidelberg are the foundations for my professional positioning.

That’s why I have made it my goal to personally support my clients when they face individual language bottlenecks.

My team and I deliver mother-tongue translations that can be read and spoken fluently. In addition, we are experts when it comes to preparing you for linguistic challenges at short notice or supporting you in tailor-made language training.


Do you need to present? Give a company pitch? Need Business German for a job interview? You work in Germany and can’t communicate? You want to improve your Business German or English quickly and effectively? Then watch the video and contact me!

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Document translations – reliable, accurate & on time

My team and I bring your corporate communication closer to other cultures. Your websites, brochures, videos, blogs or vlogs, business documents such as contracts, documentation or employee information will be understood in all languages of the world through the appropriate linguistic translation. And, of course, with certification.

Professional proofreading of your texts
We offer professional editing / proofreading of your texts in all languages. Because nothing is worse than typing errors, a lack of consistency in content or grammar, or even breaks in content in the final version.

English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese or Chinese? Feel free to ask for the language you need.

Language training

Learning language the right way
My language training philosophy is characterised by interaction, creative speaking opportunities that you specifically need, as well as individual support.

You want to…
– Lead your clients confidently through a presentation
– Confidently hold a company pitch
– Successfully pursue your dream job abroad
– Learn, refresh or improve your Business English
– Prepare optimally for a trip

– Improve your telephone calls and negotiations in Business English

– Master everyday communication with colleagues, customers or superiors?

I will help you to become a language expert and support you in individual training sessions to get your message across.

Your individual steps to success
– One-day intensive workshop as a kick-off with immediate benefits
– Tailor-made language training in intensive or extensive format
– Expert workshop as presentation coaching in the foreign language

With this individual step-by-step model on the way to becoming a language expert, you will gain confidence, develop your own toolbox for specific speaking situations and overcome linguistic inhibitions. You will raise your foreign language skills to a new level.

Presentation coaching

It’s always just PowerPoint and 100 slides? The frequent result is that interesting presentations increasingly become “supervised reading”.

Do you want to give presentations in Business English, for example, and involve your audience in an appreciative way?

Don’t rely on the audience reading the handout later, but inspire them with your lively and linguistically convincing presentation!

In a 1-day coaching session, you will learn how to get to the heart of your individual content and convey your message accurately. In this way, you show appreciation to your customers, save your company costs through time-consuming follow-up discussions and reposition yourself in the company.


Learn to put your topics into language in individual or small group workshops:

– Telephoning

– Negotiations

– Emailing

– Project Management

– Team Events

– Engineering

– Job Interviews

– Performance Review Talks

– Individual Projects

I will be happy to create a workshop format that exactly meets your requirements, which you can choose as an online or face-to-face event. Workshops also include individual advice on suitable online tools or your personal blended learning path as well as my after-workshop consulting service.

English, German as a foreign language, French, Russian, Spanish or Chinese? Again, feel free to ask for the language you need!

Customer testimonials

26. February 2024

“Dear Inge,
you taught us English, this is future investment. I think we were already on more than halfway through to our goal and communication on international markets demands English speaking skills. Actually, this is what we need.

I’d like to say, and I think it’s also both my colleagues’ mind, a really big THANK YOU for your patience with us. Thank you for all the things you taught us, thank you for encouraging us to learn a foreign language because all these little steps bring our garden to leaps and bounds. Inge, it was always a pleasure for us to be your students, sometimes seriously and sometimes with a lot of laughing :-)”

Team Ingenieure - in 2 Jahren von 0 auf B1 - 1 x pro Woche 90 min


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