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How do you communicate in an international environment?

More than 20 years of dealing with languages, communication and people have shaped me. Before that, it was my unbridled enthusiasm for foreign languages and my translation studies in beautiful Heidelberg, which were peppered with stays abroad, that laid the foundation for my career.
After countless exciting translation projects, my weakness for applied communication with real people broke through on top. Even though digital solutions have become indispensable in every professional field, machine processing of language projects is not the only way to salvation. Corona in particular shows that success speaks many languages. And after the crisis, communication will become even more important than before, because it will be increasingly important to build trust with new friends, customers or superiors, even in an international environment, through appreciative communication.

Join me on the exciting journey of appreciative communication and benefit from:

– my many years of experience with language and communication
– my individual solutions for every language bottleneck
– my personality and empathy, which will lead to your success.

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My services


Guaranteed quality
You have probably held various instruction manuals in your hands whose linguistic quality does not show appreciation for you as a customer. With my team, you can be sure that native-speaker translation expertise in the required field, including native-speaker proofreading, will ensure a professional translation experience, i.e. you will not notice that it is a translation, but will read the text in the required idiom. This is because, in addition to the 6-eyes principle, we naturally use advanced procedures to ensure the quality of your translation projects.

Reliable partner for your most diverse projects
My team and I bring your corporate communication closer to other cultures, i.e. your websites, brochures, videos, blogs or vlogs, business documents such as contracts, documentation or employee information will be understood in any language of the world through the appropriate linguistic translation. And that, of course, also with certification.

We can also handle large volumes according to your time constraints. Since translations are calculated by lines, the number of lines determined by machine is decisive for specifying the volume.

On-time delivery
We always complete our projects on time by the specified delivery date thanks to optimized processes.

Professional proofreading of your texts
We offer professional editing / proofreading of your texts in any language. Because nothing is worse than typing errors, a lack of consistency in content or grammar, or even breaks in content in the final version.

Language training

Language learning
Do you remember your language learning in school? It was often like this: The teacher speaks (not in the foreign language!), 30 listen and at the end of the lesson you fill in a grammar gap text…

That’s not how language learning can be successful; my language training philosophy is therefore characterized by interaction, creative speaking opportunities that you specifically need, as well as individual support.

Your individual steps to success
– One-day intensive workshop as a kick-off with immediate benefits
– Tailor-made language training in intensive or extensive format
– Expert workshop as presentation coaching in the foreign language

With this individual step-by-step model on the way to becoming a linguistic expert, you will gain confidence, develop your own toolbox for specific speaking situations and overcome linguistic inhibitions. In this way, you will raise your foreign language skills to a level that makes your appreciation of customers, management and colleagues visible.

I also offer specific workshops for specific topics:
– Telephoning, Email, Smalltalk, other topics on request.

Which language would you like?
Business English, German as a foreign language, French, Russian, Spanish? Feel free to ask for the language of your choice!

Presentation coaching

Always just PowerPoint and 100 slides? Unfortunately, we all know the result of this: interesting presentations more and more often degenerate into “supervised reading”…

Do you have to / do you want to give presentations e.g. in Business English and communicate with your audience in an appreciative way?

I support you to really get your message across. Don’t rely on the audience reading the handout later, but inspire them with a lively and linguistically accurate presentation!

1 day presentation coaching
After this day you will present your content to the point and get your message across accurately, i.e. you will show appreciation to your customers and save your company costs by avoiding multiple meetings and time-consuming follow-up discussions. You will reposition yourself with management and colleagues.

Online learning

Online formats were already possible before Corona, but they have only really become the talk of the town since Corona. Many things are currently online-only, which would have been inconceivable before.

With online only, however, important messages can get lost. That’s why it’s becoming increasingly important to communicate these messages precisely and effectively so that they are understood on the one hand, and on the other hand are also conveyed in a way that is appreciated in a virtual environment.

This often requires a much higher degree of creative and flexible communication. In one’s own language usually somehow manageable, but also in a foreign language?

Your online projects – my support.
Remote work or the office desk may protect you from Corona, but they are no guarantee that communication in the foreign language is always appreciative. How quickly and often false terms, inaccurate tenses or false friends are used, which can catapult you directly into a terrible mess. I would be happy to advise you on various online tools and find your individual blended learning path together with you.

Customer testimonials

22. March 2021

“I have been working with Inge and her team for several years now. Working internationally in the healthcare business, it is essential, that translations are not just pushed through some online translator and at best cleaned up a little to make it sound ok. I work with Inge and her team of experts because they deliver services that are not just translated but culturally sound. I would recommend Inge and her team without reservation.”

- Stefan Phillips, OneVision Healthcare GmbH -


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