The prospect of an appointment in a foreign language often causes pressure, stress or at least nervousness. However, good preparation can make a lot of things easier. This starts with the preparation of an important presentation, for example. Of course, it is all about content, but it is also important how this content is conveyed.

Especially in a presentation, there are helpful strategies for standardising certain introductory and “navigation” sentences. This way you don’t get into the same predicament of having to rethink and reformulate everything again and again – how do I greet my participants, what tense do I need again to present the situation, what preposition was that again with “overview” and how do I tell people that they should only ask questions at the end?

These strategies then have to be applied to one’s own “well-being” in language learning, i.e. do I feel good with this difficult word or do I prefer to take the easier one so that I don’t get confused when pronouncing it? Everybody is an individual, and so one should also determine one’s own presentation or lecture style, as well as one’s preferences for one or another formulation.

I am happy to help you develop this individual style and the necessary skills for learning German or English. No matter if you go for a one-off workshop or language training classes over a certain period of time, it is also important to take individual requirements and preferences into account when choosing a learning format.